React Native Training

The videos are here (YouTube, YouKu (中文)!

Please leave a message or twitter @unbug for further enquiries. Any help will be appreciated :)

Created by @unbug:

  • MIHTool - iOS Web Debugger Pro: MIHTool helps Front-End Engineers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone.
  • Codelf - 变量命名神器: Organize your GitHub stars and repositories.Search over projects from GitHub to find real-world usage variable names.
  • js-middleware: Powerful Javascript Middleware Pattern implementation, apply middleweares to any object. A painless solution to make codes as scalable and maintainable as ReduxJS and ExpressJS.
  • SAY NO TO SUICIDE PUBLIC LICENSE: We've lost so many genius developers, who committed suicide, such as Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013). As a developer, the community needs you, the world needs you, please keep yourself alive.

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